Cool Dawn Recovery Drink + DRAW!

Hello Beauty!

Today I want to tell you about a new drink that will revolutionize the way we enjoy the night by mitigating the consequences of day after when we have had a few drinks.

Resigned to suffer the side effects of alcohol, we have spent centuries trying to fight hangovers with all kinds of remedies many times of doubtful effectiveness.

Now Cool Dawn Recovery Drink helps you naturally enjoy the night and a fresh dawn, and be ready for the challenges of the next day.

How is it possible? Well thanks to Cool Dawn Recovery Drink , a healthy functional drink from Asia that comes to Spain after triumphing in England. Made with plant extracts and yuzu, it gives you the necessary nutrients to prevent or cure hangovers.

All the ingredients come from Japan and South Korea, this makes the flavors and aromas are unique and surprising for our palates. It does not carry stimulants and it is not carbonated, being able to present sediments due to the herbal extracts and the minimum filtering to preserve the essence and effectiveness of the drink.

It has nothing to do with any other drink you can meet, it's something totally new and revolutionary, I recommend you try it.
To notice its anti-hangover effect, just take a can at the end of the night (and if you want it or still need it, you can take another one too in the morning). With this you will get up with a fresh mind and ready to face the challenges of the day ahead.
I have I had the opportunity to try Cool Dawn Recovery Drink, I drank it in the morning after partying and I can really tell you that it works as an excellent anti-hangover, of course it is the only drink that refreshes your mind.
It is recommended to drink very cold and agitated , I have the cans in the fridge and I have agitated and I I have drunk directly. You can also combine it with juices served with ice as follows: you can put 4 or 5 ice cubes in a shaker, pour the can and approximately the same amount of orange juice, pineapple or peach, shake for a few seconds and serve.
This is how they serve it in some bars in England in the 'brunch' on Saturdays and Sundays to help the recovery of your customers.
When you taste the complexity of flavors, you'll give yourself account of why it is also triumphing as a drink to combine in cocktails. The combination of vegetable extracts and the Yuzo, a citrus from Japan often used in haute cuisine, makes it a very complex beverage and interesting to combine.
Where can you buy Cool Dawn Recovery Drink? Very simple! Ask for it at and you can receive it directly at home in 24h.
To celebrate the launch of Cool Dawn Recovery Drink in Spain we draw a lot of product and a cocktail shaker , so that you can also try Cool Dawn Recovery Drink cold and agitated, and you can check its effect anti-hangover.
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