The cosmetics of Lilà cosmetics

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to tell you about the natural cosmetics of Lilàcosmetics.
It is a modern laboratory created by pharmacists Andreu Raurich and Dolors Bonamusa. They develop, manufacture and market all kinds of certified natural and organic cosmetics.
LILÀ COSMÈTICS receives its name from the plants that have grown for many years in front of which is now the entrance to the laboratory. For San José, the lilac (Syringa vulgaris) offers a spectacular flowering of varied lilac tones; the pleasant smell of its flowers reminds of the perfume that identifies many of our products.

The cosmetics LILÀ are especially soft and dermatologically tested. They do not contain aggressive components such as certain surfactants or ethyl alcohol.

In its composition, organic raw materials predominate, such as oatmeal, shea butter, aloe vera gel and olive, argan and rosehip oils. The whole family can use them because they adapt to all skin types.

Body moisturizer 400 ml.

It is a 100% natural and 80% organic cream certified by ECOCERT. It does not contain preservatives or allergens and is dermatologically tested. With shea butter and olive oil that nourish and hydrate the skin. Aloe vera protects and regenerates. Contains Sunflower oil, rich in antioxidant vitamin E.

My opinion on this natural cosmetic moisturizer: it has a light texture that is absorbed quickly and with a little bit gives quite. What I liked the most is its smell smells like jelly beans. Most body creams cost me my life to remember to throw it away, but not because I love it because of its smell.

Mattifying cream 50 ml.

100% natural and 76% ecological certified by ECOCERT. It does not contain preservatives or allergens. With Acai balm, Copaiba and Andiroba, which fight excess fat secretion and purify the skin. Contains hyaluronic acid that acts against skin aging. Enriched with Aloe vera that hydrates and regenerates.

This cream balances the skin, fights aging and leaves it hydrated. Indicated for oily skin with acne, sensitive tendency.
Its texture is also light and absorbs quickly.

But there is one thing that I do not like at all, and for which I do not use it most of the time, this cream keeps my face very tight and it is a sensation that I can not live with.

And the product that I liked most about Lila cosmetics is ....................................

Lip balm 15 ml

100% natural and 79% ecological certified by ECOCERT. With Shea butter that nourishes and provides hydration and Rosehip that regenerates. The essential oil of Lemon provides a mild aroma.

I love this protector, long ago Top lip balms I told you about my Preferred lip protectors then I withdraw what I said that of apivita is no longer my favorite, this has already removed the post. It smells like lemonade and on the lips it leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness as well as protecting and moisturizing. For only 3 € uros.
The only thing I find bad is that it undoes very easily, as it gives you a little bit of sunshine.

As you can see it is white, it smears easily on the fingers and lasts a long time. It can last you up to two years or maybe more, and I use it a lot.

What do you think of natural cosmetics of Lilàcosmetics ? Have you tried any of these beauty cosmetics? Kisses